MEP Sorin Moisă

Mr President, Mr Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Commissioner. I will briefly summarise the reasons why I strongly believe we should support this agreement. First and foremost because it is a free choice, a free people, free Europeans on either side of the EU-Moldova border. I do hope that the age of geopolitical carve-outs of countries and territories has forever come to an end in Europe, and then nobody can possibly oppose the free will of free people democratically represented.

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From a more purely economic point of view, the agreement, and the DCFTA bit in it, opens a whole world of opportunity for the Moldovan economy. It will have access to the biggest market on the planet. It will create incentives for FDI flows into the Moldovan economy, which should be transformed, modernised, evolved towards a high-value-added type of economy. The transformation of institutions provided for by the DCFTA will also create a more stable environment for Moldovan businesses, for Moldovan citizens; there will be less scope for arbitrariness of elites of any kind.

All in all this has been made possible by an unprecedented performance of the current government in Chișinău, and we wish them luck in the coming weeks.

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